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Magix'z puppies are not available until after they  are  vaccinated  and received health certificate from licensed veterinarian at Greenwood Veterinary Assoc. at 9 weeks of age.  At that time I start contacting individuals who inquired about certain pups and requesting applications to review.  Puppies  are  usually ready to go to their new homes by 12 weeks of age as long as they have reached 2 pounds.  This process enables me to evaluate the puppies and find the homes that best match their temperments and activity level.   The decisions I make in the short time they are with me determines the life they will have.  Some may remain with me longer for  show potential evaluation. Puppies price average $1500 - $4000, limited pet price.
 I require a completed application to be able to review prior to inviting potential families to meet them.  All puppies must be picked up in person, absolutely no shipping available. I am located in the thumb of Michigan, nearest airport Flint Bishop, but occasionally travel out-of-state to shows where we could possibly meet at a venue.  All puppies are placed with limited AKC on spay/neuter contract.  May consider co-ownership to small breeding program show homes.   Looking forward to getting to know you, application is located below and link to more photos of the puppies on our facebook page.  I do not hear well and prefer communication through e-mail or fb messenger, AKC Inspected Sept 2017.


Last Update - 2/16/2018                                            Application Form -  

Some photos will be posted here, full  albums from birth and also parents on my facebook page, Magix'z Pet Creations and Pomeranians.    Current pups health evaluation done on Feb. 5th and posted in their photo albums on my facebook group.  Currently reviewing applications from my waiting list.

All Puppies currently on hold and scheduling meetings with the families to see if they are a good match.​

Cee-Jay & Dio pups - 12/2/2017
Sloan(M)$2000- pending home 2/24/2018
Derek(M)$2500 - pending home 3/13/2018
Please read above if interested



------------------------------------------------------------------Ripley & Mufasa Pups - 12/3/2017
Callie(F)$2500 - found her forever home
Meredith(F)$2500 - found her forever home
dPlease read above if interested.



------------------------------------------------------------------Cooper - Magix'z No More Mr. Nice Guy
3  pound black n tan boy
very sweet and loving, super playful - Born Oct. 21, 2016
fully vetted - neutered - $2000.  - pending home 2/25/2018