Magix'z Pomeranians

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Boys pictured on this page are not for sale these are the studs in our breeding programs.  Pedigrees, championship certificates and DNA available per request.

-- DIO --
AKC Champion Allstar's Rainbow in the Dark
CHIC# 122975 

-- MUFASA --
INT. Champion Magix'z Hakuna Matata CGC

Magix'z Masquerade at Pride Rock
2018 show hopeful - may become available if his bite is not correct when he matures.

-- Tommy Lee --
Carleez Kickstart my Heart
2018 Show hopeful

The Boys of A & M Poms

-- MIN--
A & M's Majestic
Miniature Min

-- TYME-
Chris-Gin's Just in Tyme at A & M